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Some facts about buying Toronto theatre tickets through a ticket broker, here in Canada or even in the US, say for instance with Broadway tickets:

  1. Most of the inventory you will see online for theatre tickets does not actually exist. There are just too many dates for a broker to possibly have inventory for every single date when a show is in town.
  2. Although the point above is true, it’s not that brokers are typically looking to defraud you. They know that (in most cases) they are able to find the tickets for you in time for the show – either the same type of seat, or normally with a bit of an upgrade.
  3. Our philosophy however, around Toronto theatre tickets – or tickets in NYC or elsewhere for that matter, is a bit different. We do have access to really good seats for most shows, so we ask you to contact us via phone or email to ensure we can get you what you’re looking for. We don’t take your payment in advance if you do it this way (the old fashioned, rely on good customer service way).
  4. Brokers have long forged industry connections and so when you buy tickets online for a theatre show, generally, in good faith a broker will attempt to deliver the goods for you. Certainly if they are unable to, 99 times out of 100 they will refund you in full. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work too well if you’ve made dinner reservations and booked a room at the Sheraton!

We recommend that you contact us before transacting a sale. Get to know us, feel assured that you’re placing an order with somebody you can trust (a member of both the National Association of Ticket Brokers and the Canadian Ticket Brokers Association). Call us at (416) 665-6805 or send an email to the proprietor himself at:

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