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Top 5 reasons to buy Leafs tickets from Tickets of Canada:

  1. We are a local Toronto ticket broker selling Maple Leaf tickets. We have an office located in Toronto to service your local Leafs ticketing needs.
  2. We can be trusted; Tickets of Canada is a member of both the National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB) and the Canadian Ticket Brokers Association (CTBA)
  3. We charge in Canadian dollars for all Toronto Maple Leafs tickets (home and away!) and we don’t charge any service fees; our shipping rates are reasonable and local pick up is available near the ACC or at our office in Etobicoke.
  4. We take pride in supporting local community and charitable efforts; by purchasing Leafs tickets from us you help us to continue this commitment
  5. Phone us and we will actually answer the phone! We don’t even have an automated machine directing you to an extension – give it a try today at (416) 665-6805!
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Tickets of Canada is one of Canada's best places to buy Toronto Maple Leafs tickets. You will always pay in Canadian dollars, with no hidden surcharges – just the price you see, plus shipping costs if required, and the HST. We pride ourselves in the fact that we have been in the business for nearly 30 years, and we believe that people deserve service the way it used to be – professional and responsive.

Tickets of Canada – a division of RJB Promotions. We are real people selling Maple Leaf tickets to die-hard fans and for corporate outings for over 25 years.